Why You Should Jump Start Your Makeover with New Underwear

Any time is a good time for a makeover. If you’re feeling drab, uninspired, or caught in a rut, don’t hesitate. Start working on a whole new you. For the best results, start your makeover with new underwear. They lay a good foundation for your look. They help you explore fabrics and styles you haven’t tried before. They also force you to focus on what you want, not what looks trendy this second.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Lay a good foundation

You don’t want to build a house on sand. You shouldn’t try to build a new outfit on bad, old underwear. New underwear will give you support, shaping, and fit. This allows you to look your best in whatever you want to put on over it. Skinny jeans, exercise leggings for men, and tight slacks all rely on smooth, well-fitted underwear underneath. A sagging seat isn’t going to give you the results that you’re looking for. Jump starting your makeover with new underwear gives you the ability to put whatever you want on top. It’s just that easy.

Learn what style you’re going for

It’s okay not to know what you want your final image to be. Maybe you know what you like on other people, but you’re still working out how style and fashion and cut and your body are all going to come together into one stylish creature. Underwear is a safe way to try out new things. You can try different materials, cuts, and styles without anyone else having to know. You might think that you’re the guy who likes to let things fall where they may, but if you can’t break out of briefs that may not be true. That’s fine. You can also learn what kind of styles you can pull off while maintaining your comfort. Some guys hate to be confined. In that case, anything that relies on skinny jeans is not going to end up being right for you.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Put your money where it matters most

If you can afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe today, that’s amazing! For most people, however, it’s more a process of replacing old pieces with new pieces over time. It’s a less dramatic and fun way to do a makeover, but it works really well. If you have a limited budget and you want to make a big impact fast, you should get new underwear before anything else. It changes the way you look and feel right away. It resets this makeover as by you, for you, and primarily about you. If you want to change how people look at you, get a hat. If you want to change your self-image, get new underwear.

New underwear can make you feel like a new man. By choosing new underwear as the first step in a makeover, you ensure that your new style works for you. Experiment and find something truly you.

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