Why You Should Have a Variety of Underwear Styles in Your Drawer

People act like underwear styles for men are set in stone. Either you’re a boxers guy or a briefs man. That’s it, it’s just a part of your personality, like preferring chocolate to vanilla. You are what you are. You can live that way if you want, but there’s more out there than that. There’s pistachio ice cream and singlet thongs, rainbow sherbet and leggings for men. You have options, and you should embrace them. Having multiple styles of underwear in your drawer lets you pick the best pair for the look or the day and adds some kick to your wardrobe.

Form follows function

Boxers are great for letting everything move as you do, but they don’t have the same stability as other forms of underwear. Underwear styles for men range around what you can do in them. Sure, there are structural differences and fabric differences, but the main difference is style. Some underwear styles for men focus on support. They let you get the most out of your workout and keep everything secure. No friction burns here. Other forms support your comfort by letting things move freely. They each have their selling points. The pair you should grab depends on what you want to get done today.

Get the best look

Panty-lines aren’t just for ladies. Ultra-skinny jeans are the hottest look for what feels like the twentieth year running. You can dress them up with a buttoned shirt and a jacket. You can dress them down with a T-shirt and the perfect tousled bed head. You can’t disguise the bags, bumps, and rumples that boxers will leave under them. If you want to rock the ultra-skinny look, you have to pick underwear styles that will fit with your look.

The are other styles that don’t favor the slim hold of a thong or tight briefs. Underwear styles for men have to strike a balance between fitting your outfit and getting you the functionality that you need. For loose clothes, loose underwear provides the best match.

Variety is the spice of life

You can choose your underwear based on what gets you through the day most comfortably. You can pick based on what will look great with the rest of your outfit. You don’t want any snags when you dress to impress. You can also choose underwear simply to shake things up. Changing styles is good for your body. You won’t have to deal with the same pressures and issues day after day. You have more options when you have a variety of underwear. It’s not all about what looks good under your clothes; you want to look good when you take them off, too.

Variety is a great way to add some flash to your style. You’ll always know, even if no one else does. Additionally, you have options to match your outfit needs. Sometimes you need something tight and sporty, sometimes you need something to move with you. Whatever your needs for style and support, there’s an underwear style for men that has you covered. Just makes sure you have options.

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