Why Seasonal Underwear Shopping is the Best Way to Shop


Seasonal underwear shopping is the way to keep your underwear wardrobe at peak performance. Most people don’t need to be told twice that picking up something every few months is a good idea, but if you need convincing, read on. Shopping for seasonal underwear lets you buy for who you actually are now. It gives you a reason to weed out old pieces, and, of course, you’re always at the height of fashion.


Buy for Who You Are Now

We all have an idea in our head of who we’re going to be in six months or a year. That person has their life together. That person has lost X amount of weight or gained X inches of muscle. They look great. They’re definitely exciting, hitting the club or the beach all the time. We know who they are, and they’re amazing. We’re going to be amazing one day. For now, we’re us.

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There is no magic X pounds lost or X inches of muscle gained that will make you amazing, because you already are, etc. Self-acceptance is key! But also, practically speaking, if you buy all your clothes for That Person You’ll Somehow Be in Six Months, you’re… going to have a lot of clothes that don’t fit.

Shop seasonally for underwear, and shop for who you are now. Six Months From Now you doesn’t need new underwear. You do. Get the styles that feel good to you right now. That suit the activities and activity level that you’re at right now. Size and buy based on who you are, and when the seasons change and you are (or aren’t, or exceeded) that goal you wanted to be--your underwear will fit then, too, because you’re always shopping for you.


Rotate Out Old Pieces

No one will admit to this problem, so this section is entirely hypothetical. Imagine there’s someone who may get really accustomed to their underwear. They keep it around a little too long. It sags, it bags, but it’s still usable. Maybe it got a little stained at some point. But it’s still “fine”, and if you only buy your underwear as often as people steam-clean their carpets, you probably wouldn’t even notice it crossing the line from “well worn” to “groddy”. Ew.

Shopping seasonally lets you take a peek through your underwear drawer every time the seasons change and weed out the pairs that are so far past their prime they’re not even the same color anymore. Dump them, get something new, and live your best life.

 Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco


Stay Fashionable

High fashion is very important to some people. Even if you don’t fantasize about strutting down the runway while you get dressed every day, the odds are you want to look good. Remember the clothes that people love to laugh at in their parents’ albums? Those clothes were once the height of fashion too. So just because you’ve had a style a while and it was hot then, doesn't mean it still is. IF you want to make a good impression when you’re getting comfortable, shop for seasonal underwear. They’ll always be in the now.


Seasonal underwear shopping lets you live and shop in the present. Your underwear game will always be on point! Best of all, you’re not trying to guess at what size you’ll be or what style you’ll need in 8 months or a year. You’ve got this starting today.

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