What You Need From Winter Underwear

Winter underwear poses its own challenges to busy people. Surviving the cold months depends on underwear that meets your winter needs. Don’t reach for the long underwear just yet, though. Your winter underwear doesn’t need to be super warm. Instead, it needs to be breathable with a comfort fit. That’s the trick to getting to spring in style.

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The number one thing you need in winter underwear is breathability. Most people would assume warmth. It’s cold, after all! This is certainly true if you’re going to be climbing a mountain or participating in several hours of outdoor sitting, etc. Most of us don’t climb mountains day to day. Most of us, even in the winter, spend our lives at a very comfortable temperature. You’re in your car, or inside at work, or inside your home. Unless you love keeping your home the temperature of an alpine tent, you’re going to be warm enough inside. 

Breathability is more important than warmth because you’re more likely to sweat than you are to freeze. Who hasn’t walked in from the chill to discover their friend keeps their house a balmy 85 degrees? You’re wrapped up warm, so you start to sweat. Repeat almost everywhere and if you don’t have breathable underwear, you’re going to be sweaty and gross before the day’s out.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Comfort fit

Summer is perfect for tight thongs and showing off your buns, but the rest of the year you get to relax a little. A comfortable fit is key to surviving the winter months. It’s not just that a cluster of food-centric holidays mean we’re all a little more prone to focusing on comfort. Winter clothes tend to prioritize layers and physical comfort. It’s a way for you to strike back against the uncomfortable weather. Winter underwear should be fitted, but loose enough for you to move comfortably even beneath a pile and a half of winter clothes. Get the right winter underwear so you can stay flexible the whole day long. Also, considering how much of a pain it can be to change when you have a lot of layers on, wearing a comfortable pair of underwear allows you to go all day without needing to change so your poor sides will stop getting pinched.

Comfortable winter underwear is the key to making this winter the best winter ever. Breathability will keep you comfortable all day, every day. This is always a challenge when the prevalence of heated buildings mean that you can go from nippy outdoor weather to a full-on furnace blast multiple times every day. Comfortable underwear knows that the winter is the time to be a little more forgiving in the waistline. It allows you to move even when you’re dressing in layers, just like your momma told you. These powers combine to make the perfect winter underwear.





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