What a Switch in Your Underwear Can Do for Your Confidence

New underwear can mean a new you. A simple switch doesn’t sound like it could be the start of bigger and brighter things, but it could make all the difference. New underwear supports you better. It contributes to your vision of yourself. It stays comfortable all day so you can draw the eyes to you and embody true confidence.

Support lets you move smoothly

One of the biggest differences that new underwear makes, is in the realm of support. Whether you’re the kind of guy to want things loose and breezy, or you prefer more contouring in that department, new underwear has you covered. With perfect support, every move you make becomes more confident.

Bright colors make you bold

There’s a piece of seemingly cliché advice that says that when you want to make a big splash at work, you should wear fire engine red underwear. While there are some alluring bright red Marco Marcos for you to choose from, you don’t have to go that far. Bright colors fill you with a sense of energy. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Think of slipping on bold new underwear like reaching your horoscope in the morning. If you read that you’re going to conquer every challenge today, you’re going to face challenges with confidence and conquer you shall. If you tell yourself when you’re getting dressed that neon green underwear are going to help you stay energized, you’ll feel it. It’s mind over matter, and you can help yourself believe anything.

All day comfort lets you be impulsive

Most people end the work day exhausted. It’s not the big things, really. It’s the little things that add up over the course of the day. Old underwear bags, bunches, or pinches. The elastic is worn out or the smoothness against your skin just isn’t there. It’s just one more thing on your list of minor complaints that wears you down.

Slipping on new underwear won’t fix every little problem in your life, but it will boost your comfort. At the end of a long day, you could use that extra boost of energy any way you choose. You could dance the night away. You could go home and cook yourself a nice meal. Whatever your impulsivity leads you too, all day comfort in new underwear lets you do it.


Black light flashes draw eyes to you

The only way to achieve true confidence is to embrace the moments when all eyes are on you. The bright colors from before? They can do more than let you make a power play in the boardroom. They can get attention when you’re out at the club. Whether you just want a strip to show to catch someone’s eye or you’re ready to bare it all, the bright, neon colors of Marco Marco’s new underwear will make you the center of attention.

New underwear can give you the confidence to step outside your comfort zone. Keep your energy up to cook a gourmet meal, or hit the town for something a little spicier. Even if you have to mind-trick yourself into feeling the confidence boost when you slip on new underwear in the morning, eventually this new attitude will be habit.

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