Why the Nexus Collection is Perfect for Parties

The Nexus Collection is perfect for parties. It’s made to make a splash out of the water, and hold firm in it. It can stand up to an intense day of lounge, strutting, and swimming--perfect for that last pool party of the summer. Hit the deck chairs or the pool: fashion swim trunks Nexus Solar Brief can keep up.

See and be seen

If you want to have a zen day by the pool, don’t go to a party. You don’t go to swim some laps and get into your head. You go for two reasons. Number one: see. Scope the competition and your friends. Pretend your social circle is a reality show and see who’s down to party and who’s falling out of fashion. Number two: be seen. Make sure that everyone knows that you came here to make a statement. You don’t even have to open your mouth: Nexus is the pair of fashion swim and briefs that says it for you. They’re bright, bold, and crisply patterned. They’re not for a guy who’s self-conscious or has something to hide. Their low cut fit shows confidence. The bold color pattern is anything but boring. Together, these factors show a man who’s not afraid to stand out. Maybe it’s just a pool party, but there’s no reason to fade into the background.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

All day fit

The problem with most fashion is that they can’t keep up with a busy guy. They’re made to look pretty, not to work hard. The Nexus Jocks and Briefs do both. They look hot on your bod, and they fit like a glove all day long. The secret comes from the blend of materials used to create the perfect swim and fashion briefs. 83% polyester means that your body is going to be comfortable. It’s soft on the skin. It breathes easily, allowing you to exit the pool and leave the water behind. No walking around for twenty minutes dripping and soaked for you! Polyester is easy to clean and amazing for your skin.

What’s the other 17%? Spandex. This is the part that allows these fashion swim briefs to move with you all day long. It lets your Nexus Collections snap back into shape again and again after every wash and wear. It grips without pinching, allowing you to swan dive with grace and without fear of ending up indecent when you hit the water. You can go from tanning to swimming and back again without wearing out the perfect grip. It doesn’t sag or gap, and when something fits right it makes all the difference in your final look.

The Nexus Collection is perfect for parties because it can keep up with you all day long. The material's composition allows it to stay comfortable and fit great. The colors and cut speak of a bold, fun guy who’s here to make a statement and take in the scene. Be the life of the party from day to night with the NEW Nexus Collection.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco 


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