Men’s Underwear: Why Form is as Important as Function

Men’s underwear has very important work to do. Men’s underwear has to support and shape very sensitive areas of the body. If your underwear doesn’t fit well, you’re going to have to deal with chafing, aches, and general discomfort. If your underwear doesn’t look good, however, that can have an affect too. You want your underwear to support your style. You want it to add to your look as a whole. Even more importantly, however, investing in your men’s underwear experience is a way to invest in yourself. How you think you look matters.

Designer Mens Underwear | Linear Jockstrap

Men’s fashion can be revealing

Form is as important as function in men’s underwear because men’s fashion can get a little revealing. If you plan to be out at the club on the weekends, you need a set of underwear that won’t embarrass you if your trousers slide down a little bit. With men’s fashion, you’re often left choosing between the ultra-skinny jean and something baggy enough to flash a little booty. You’ll feel more confident and fare better if you’re not flashing some white-turned-grey pair of saggy old tighty whities. Slip on something comfortable before your briefs betray you.

Designer Mens Underwear | Linear Briefs

Better underwear makes you look better

Form and function intersect when it comes to fit. A well-fitted set of men’s underwear will provide you with comfort and support. Underwear that’s well designed will also help you keep a good silhouette, whether it’s through your clothes or on its own. Anything that makes you look better in your clothes is worth its weight in gold. Underwear that’s designed to be attractive will help.

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How you think you look matters

There’s a reason that the standard advice in life is “fake it ‘til you make it”. If you’ve ever heard cliché advice about wearing bright red “power underwear” to feel confident at the office, don’t write it off as pointless. Sure, feeling more confident because you know you look great in your underwear is a placebo effect. You don’t magically become more eloquent when your underwear would make someone do a double-take. The placebo effect is effective, though. What’s the difference between confidence you gain because you look great, and confidence you gain by any other means? You’re going to reap the rewards either way. If your opinion of yourself matters, why not really make it count?

Men’s underwear has to keep you comfortable from sunup to after dark. Function and support are key. However, a well designed, stylish set of underwear can set you apart. They can turn heads if they peak out at the club or about town. They can boost your confidence when you’re feeling down. Everyone in the world is faking it until they make it; don’t downplay the importance of looking and acting the part! Invest in your confidence and style from the foundation up. Amazing clothes over sagging old briefs isn’t going to make you feel like a new man every morning. Get men’s underwear that can stand up to your expectations.


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