Fun in the Sun Review with Marco Marco

Summer is practically here. If you’re looking for something fun and flirty, check out Marco Marco Bevel swim trunks. These tight trunks look great on the website, but the true test is taking them out for a spin. How can Marco Marco Bevel swim trunks stand up to a day at the pool?

Are they comfortable

The first test of swim trunks is whether or not they’re comfortable. They could be fashionable and well-made, but if they don’t keep you comfortable they’re not worth getting. Marco Marco Bevel swim trunks are built to fit a little snugly. That snugness provides support that you don’t usually get in swim trunks. They fit more like something you’d wear to the gym; strong mesh provides shaping and support. The wide waist band helps to distribute pressure so they don’t dig in. The balance is excellent.

Do they drag in the water

Not everyone hits the pool with the intent of winning some races. Still, it’s nice to be able to move freely in the water without having to worry about being dragged up, down, or all around. The secure fit of the Marco Marco Bevel swim trunks keeps them close to you in the water. They don’t gap, drag, or billow.

Are they fashionable

The basic design of Marco Marco swim trunks come in three basic color sets. You can choose from blue/green, blue/purple, and gray. The gray is the most elegant of the lot, and definitely the one that someone a little more self-conscious should choose. The shades of gray create a visually interesting piece. It’s also a bit slimming to stick to neutrals.

Both blue/green and blue/purple are bright, bold, and beautiful. They’re less “mysterious and understated” than the gray, but they’re much better choices if you want to match your surroundings. They look fun. If you’re hitting the beach or the pool in an effort to relax and let go, one of these options suits your tastes better.

No matter which color combination you pick, they’re overall a very sleek look. Smooth lines and a snug fit make them a fashionable choice for the modern swimmer. No more swim trunks down to your knees.

Do they stay on all day

Some swim trunks start out great and fizzle as the day goes on. It’s a matter of being able to keep their shape when you’re in and out of the pool. They’re getting wet, they’re drying out, repeat. Chlorine or salt water can affect the way fabrics hold their shape. Marco Marco Bevel swim trunks maintain their shape all day thanks to their four-way muscle mesh. This flexible but firm fabric prevents them from stretching and bagging over the course of the day.

Marco Marco Bevel swim trunks are a great way to hit the water this summer. They’ll stay on all day—and they’re comfortable enough that you’re actually going to want them to. Whether you’d like a slimming neutral or a bold statement, they’re fashionable too. Hit the waves with confidence with Marco Marco.

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