How to Dress for a Party When You May Want to Dance in Your Underwear

Dressing for a party is hard enough. Any time you add spin to that, like how to dress for a party with your coworkers or how to dress for a party when it might snow on the way there, it gets harder. One of the hardest parties to dress for is the party where things might get freaky. If you know for sure that the night’s not going to end until you’re dancing on tables, that’s easier. You can plan for that. Clothes that allow movement and non-slip souls. For a party where you want to have the option to dance around in your underwear but you’re not committed, it gets tougher.

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Like Momma said: layers

Layers are the best way to dress for any situation. The more you have, the more options you have. Your “maybe I’ll paint the town red, maybe I’ll leave at 10:30 and have a late dinner in bed” look has to be adaptable. No matter how the night goes, you have to be ready. Start with an outer layer that’s not too out there. A great jacket is killer.

Once you’ve got the outside, put on a shirt and an undershirt, just in case. Jeans always look great, and have a bonus of keeping you pretty warm in chilly temperatures. You’re better able to go topless if you have jeans on.

Lastly, make sure your final layer is worth the wait. Hello, hot new Marco Marco’s. Anyone who sees you tonight definitely earned it.

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Things you can let go of

You want to dress in layers, but you don’t want to put on every hot item you own. When nights can go from “cool party” to “cool par-TAY” you have to assume you might lose something along the way. Don’t put all your fashion eggs in the basket of this outfit. Fun, flirty party clothes that are easy to replace should make up the bulk of your layers. Hopefully, you’ll be going home with everything. 

At most, pick one item that you can’t live without. Only take it if it’s something you know you’d never leave without. If someone would have to pry your spiked, patched, bedazzled leather jacket out of your cold, dead hands, it’s probably safe to bring. A fun tee that you love but might throw into the crowd while pretending to be a cowboy lassoing your next dance partner? That should stay at home.

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Comfortable shoes

No matter what, give yourself the gift of comfortable shoes. You might be standing all night. You might be walking. Your feet will thank you for a little arch support. Ultra-fashionable dress shoes need not apply. Your perfect, pristine designer sneaks also shouldn’t apply. Things might get freaky tonight, and who knows where you’ll be going. 

Dressing for a party is simple: cover all your bases and be kind to your feet. Layers will help you prepare for anywhere the night will take you. One priceless item, at most, means your wardrobe won’t be destroyed if something bad happens. Comfortable shoes will keep you going all night long, so you can dance to your heart’s content.

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