How Often Should You Really Get New Underwear?

How Often Should You Really Get New Underwear?

New underwear is an amazing feeling. The first time you slip on a pair and realize you have a new favorite is perfection. It can make your rump feel kingly every time. However, most people can’t afford to buy a new pair of underpants every single day. Delayed gratification is an important skill, but people often go too far the other way, wearing ratty, run-down underwear when they really shouldn’t. When to get new underwear varies person to person, but you can put your pairs to the test with these simple questions.

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Does it provide support?

The first part of underwear to get worn out is the part that does the most work: frontal support and shaping. The quality of support separates alright underwear from underwear that you can go all day in. It helps you separate the good from the great from the remarkable. When you put on a pair of underwear you’re considering replacing, focus on support. Do you feel comfortable and supported?

Does it keep its shape?

Support is key, but so is fit. Does your underwear keep its shape all day, or do you find yourself wearing a baggier and baggier cut as the day progresses? Elastic and spandex both stretch out easily, so after hard wear you can expect your underwear quality to start to decline. Check in on support and fit at the end of the day and see if things have changed since this morning.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco Underwear

If my celebrity crush saw me in these would it be a deal-breaker?

There are cosmetic reasons to get new underwear, as well as fit ones. Obviously, stained underwear are not going to be sexy on anyone. Even if they’re as clean and fresh as they were out of the bag, though, some cuts and styles just don’t wear as well as others. Picture your celebrity crush. Let’s assume, for some reason, that you two met and they’re willing to spend an evening with you. If you pulled down your trousers and you had this pair of underwear on, would they suddenly remember an important business meeting they had to go to? 

Assume that your celebrity crush doesn’t have crazy-high “I never wear the same piece of clothing twice” standards. That’s part of what makes them so attractive. Then look at your underwear. Is this a style that’s been popular in the last five years, or does it look like you’ve had the same style since high school? Does the cut make you look good, or does it accentuate things better downplayed? If you don’t think you have an average shot in these underwear, replace them.

You should get new underwear whenever your current pairs fail these tests. If you don’t feel supported immediately, dump the underwear. If you find that things start well, but by the end of the day the shape can’t keep up with your needs, dump the underwear. Lastly, if you think this pair of underwear would be a deal breaker for the average celebrity looking to get to know you better, definitely get new underwear.




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