Express Yourself with our Neon Script Collection

Whether you’re a dancer with a love for eye-catching designs or just a connoisseur of bright, fun underwear in your daily life, Marco Marco has the perfect collection for you: The Neon Script!

marco marco neon script

Do you value well-fitting underwear but also enjoy the feeling of secretly wearing crazy colours and patterns underneath your business suit while you live that office life? Our Neon Script briefs and boxer briefs are the perfect way to feel like your usual fun self, even when you’re looking the professional part.

marco marco neon script 1

Maybe you’re an athlete looking for some workout wear that has a little more personality than what you’ll find in the nearest sports supply store? We’ve got you covered there too. Check out our men’s leggings and sports shorts! They’ll make a real style statement, but they’re also comfortable and practical so you can get your run or workout done without hassle.

marco marco neon script mens legging

As with all of our collections, the Neon Script design is available in plenty of styles for all tastes. Grab the design you like best (or, heck, snag one of each so you can be bright every day right here!

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