Underwear Expert: Boxers or Briefs?

A mens underwear blog, The Underwear Expert, is asking some models one of the most important questions around: boxers or briefs? Daniel Miller, the fit and handsome host, is getting personal with Franco, JJ, and Fredrick from Aston Models. All shirtless, each model strips his pants to answer the widely debated boxers or briefs question. Although, it isn't much of a debate, because all of them say a mix of the two: boxer briefs! JJ shows off his all white Emporio Armani's, while Fredrick rocks a pair of white banded and light gray David Bechkam's. Franco goes with a more classic choice; a pair of red Calvin Klein's with a gray band. While the models all share a favorite, the host Daniel Miller seems to have a different preference. Daniel sports a pair of neon pink, neon green, and black Marco Marco mens briefs

The models all thought boxer briefs were the comfiest choice, providing just the right amount of support and freedom. They also thought they looked good! However, their preferences for everyday wear and auditions differed. Franco and JJ both said they prefer to wear briefs when auditioning instead of boxer briefs. Briefs are more form fitting and tend to allow the designer to see what their bodies look like a little bit better. It also provides a cleaner, more put together look. Fredrick didn't see it that way though, and said he would wear boxer briefs to an audition. He thought they still looked great. But when you're a model, is there any underwear that doesn't look good on you?

Despite all the models saying they prefer boxer briefs, they're actually wearing a slightly different type of underwear: trunks! They are a variant of boxer briefs. It's virtually the same underwear, just with a shorter leg. Boxer briefs tend to be closer related to the boxer. They are just slightly shorter and tighter on the body. Trunks are closer related to briefs, just a bit longer and looser. Who knew a mens underwear blog could be so educational... and sexy! 

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