Mens Underwear Model Steven Dehler

The buzz about Steven Dehler transformed into an absolute roar after he walked in Marco Marco's show last year. Rocking a design that challenged the traditional perceptions of mens underwear, Dehler managed to make even more of a name for himself. It would seem that this show was the perfect fit for this up-and-coming male model, who is known for his stunning physique and jaw-dropping gaze. Those who keep their eye on current male models in underwear will want to take a close look at all of the recent Steven Dehler photoshoots.

Aligning himself with some of the best people in the business, Dehler has proven that he's here to stay. Whether he's modeling mens underwear—or nothing at all—this male model has established that he's so much more than just a pretty face. Putting all of the other male models in underwear to shame, this California boy has captivated the world with his unique looks and innovative poses.

Dehler is not afraid to put in the hard work that is required in this industry, which is why he's shot with some of the biggest photographers in the business. With such a great work ethic—and impressive body of work—Steven Dehler has shown that it's his year to shine.

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